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The beauty experience in the world, just only in Japan!

Hedgehog Beauty Acupuncture and Facial Correction Salon

We have salons in major cities Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya and Fukuoka,

You can experience the secret of longevity and youthfulness of the Japanese people.


Co-Founder of KADOMORI

Shuhei Kadomori


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Facial Bone Correction

We have been treating facial skeletons for many years and have developed our own unique mesoscopic method to correct left-right differences in the face.

We are confident that we can help you solve your facial problems with our facial orthopedics, which is recommended by many cosmetic surgeons as well as those who want to have a smaller face.

Hedgehog Beauty Acupuncture

Hedgehog Beauty Acupuncture uses about 100 needles for the treatment.

It has a skin beautifying and lifting effect. KADOMORI's acupuncturists have the skill to do this because of their knowledges of the golden ratio on muscle balance and correct muscle movement.

Our strength lies in our ability to immediately respond to skin and muscle stiffness and fat thickness along with the running of facial muscles.

Please enjoy the beauty acupuncture of the Ultimate Small Face Salon that you will not find anywhere else.

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KADOMORI Style Facial Treatment

We use a combination of high-frequency thermal equipment, ultrasonic equipment, and KADOMORI's own beauty equipment, which are widely used in the esthetic and medical fields.

The combination of these three devices is tailored to each individual's needs. The treatment promotes a smaller face, lift-up, fat burning, and collagen production. This is a relaxable treatment.

Whole Body Treatment 

By using various techniques such as acupuncture and shiatsu, as well as Japanese Seitai techniques, to bring the body into correct alignment,

This treatment is designed to improve back pain,

stiff shoulders, and other physical discomforts.

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Crinial Bone Treatment 

By correcting the distortion of the cranial bones in the skull, this treatment can help ease headaches, autonomic imbalance,and  more. Recommended to be combined with the “Facial Bone Adjustment”

ID: jiaosenxiaoyan

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  • 名称未設定のデザイン - 10
  • 名称未設定のデザイン - 4
  • 名称未設定のデザイン - 5


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  • 名称未設定のデザイン - 10
  • 名称未設定のデザイン - 4
  • 名称未設定のデザイン - 5
名称未設定のデザイン - 1.png

ID: jiaosenxiaoyan

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